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Archival Quality Fine Art Prints
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Artist Statement

    I seek gesture through a range of emotions  including humor, excitement, mystery, nostalgia, solitude, etc. My images are an attempt to convey this via color, rhythm, narrative, or by a creative treatment of the subject. Each image offers an opportunity for me to explore various post-processing styles.

    It often amazes me how diverse reactions are expressed to the same photo by  various viewers. Please enjoy these images and share your reaction with me if you would like. I can be reached at

   My printing process makes use of the finest available archival paper and inks in order to express a sense of exceptional quality, and to ensure longevity.  
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Archival Quality Fine Art Prints/Weddings/Events
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Steam in the Snow
Portsmouth Harbor Tugboats
Scrimshaw 1
Scrimshaw 3
Scrimshaw 2
Scrimshaw 4
Cape Cod Path
Thomas Laighton Hull
Thomas Laighton at Star Island
Cold Dawn at Nuble Light
Dawn at Great Island Common
Ipswich Marsh Grass
Jenne Farm Road
Jenne Farm Pasture
Live Oak at Audubon Park
Sail off Star Island
Placid Skiff
Cape Cod Snow Fence
Sail Detail
7470 at Conway
7470 Tossing Steam
7470 Leaving a Steam Trail
7470 Leaving the Roundhouse
Northeast Kingdom Reclaimed
Union Dam
Frosty Corral at Sunrise
Deco Shadows
Sentries at Madre Vooh
Flaming Poplar
Winter Solitude at York
Ceramic Still Life
Mary's Tulips
Great Blue Heron on Lovell Lake
Dog Sled Race
Dog Sled at Mount Washington Hotel
Street Photography Series
The Mardi Gras Temptation
The Cardinal and the Girls
Thoth Greeting
Carnival Colors
Be Curious 1
Krewe of Thoth Float Maskers
Busker and the Chefs
Thoth Tuba Boy
Caped Masker
Abandoned Tuba at The Cabildo
Cate Park Frozen Moment
Frozen Path
The Cold Stare
Be Curious 2
Member of  New Hampshire Art Association
 and New Hampshire Society of Photographic Artists